Services: Software Simulation


Software and simulation tools are essential modern optimization solutions for the mining industry. The target is to use all the production parameters and the data collected by the process to know how to configure the machines and what type of consumable is best suited to the current ore in production.

Process Optimisation

The main target is to make the grinding process more efficient by increasing production capacity, reducing energy consumption and decrease the wear rate on consumables (grinding balls and liners). For this, we use several software designed for the measurement and analysis of the grinding process.

 The results obtained help in decision-making on strategic choices such as the size and chemical composition of the grinding balls, the type and shape of the mill liners, or the rotational speed of the mill.

We use software such as JKSimmet to help your technical team unravel the bottlenecks in the process and thus prioritize the tasks that are profitable for the mining company. This solution allows us to make recommendations on the entire grinding process.

Efficient Grinding Circuit

Identifying bottlenecks, solving them, designing a grinding ball or liners are the main objectives of simulation software suites. We can reproduce each configuration or future improvement before taking actions.

Our working method and our experience allow us to quickly respond to the problems you encounter. Recursive simulations and data crossovers will show you the elements that will quickly have a positive impact on your process.

DEM Simulation

A discrete element method (DEM) is any of a family of numerical methods for computing the motion and effect of a large number of small particles. the interaction between each particle is calculated and allows us to have precise measurements on the tractors, the impact forces and the bulk density of our ore and grinding ball.

In addition to our usual grinding services, we can assist you with crushing, conveying and other part of the process generating too high a wear rate or ineffective comminution.