Product: Ginding Ball

Forged Ball

Our grinding balls are produced by using both rolling and hammering forging processes. The annual capacity of our factories is over 200,000 tons, to meet the dynamic market demand. All our balls’ sizes have a controlled hardness in the center as well as on the surface, in order to maximize the ore grindability and a controlled wear rate.

Chemical Composition

We select the right carbon, manganese, chromium and silicon rates to enhance the wear rate and the impact toughness. Depending on the parameters of your plant process and your characteristics of the crushed ore, we offer different chemical compositions so that you have the most cost effective solution.

Ball Size:
30mm to 150mm*

*Standard Size. Extended sizes available from 20 mm to 200mm, multiple of 5mm.









0.65 - 0.85

0.50 - 0.90

0.70 - 0.85

0.20 - 1.50

< 0.035

< 0.035


0.70 - 0.90

0.80 - 1.10

0.75 - 1.25

0.20 - 0.40

< 0.035

< 0.035

Designed and optimize for SAG Mill​

Shango selects the optimal SAG Mill forged balls. We successfully combined higher grindability and toughness resistance with performing combination alloys to deliver the ideal refinery product for the harsh working conditions.

Appropriate weighting of carbon, manganese, chromium and silicon enhance the grinding balls toughness and the wear rate against harder ore. Higher grindability of the ore undeniably means higher output. A heavier weight means more energy is deployed by the ball drop, thus creating more energy and generating a higher output for your mill.


The hardness of the grinding ball is very important. Abrasion and impact wear is directly related to the hardness of the ball. It must be raised while avoiding making the grinding ball brittle and fragile. This is the reason why we adapt the hardness of the ball and the hardness profile to each application. Combine the best performance with the best resistance to wear.

Hardness: 58 - 63 HRC*

*Standard values. The hardness and the hardness profile depend on the customer’s need.

Raw materials & Microstructure

Careful selection of hot rolled round bar is made to produce the appropriate durable grinding balls. Workability, forgeability and formability are the capability of our materials to deform without failure.

The primary microstructure obtained during solidification should be characterized by a fine grain and be uniformly distributed; avoiding retained austenite is a priority to minimize the breakage rate. Below are the suitable SagMax® Forged Balls.

Packaging solutions


Drums offer a robust and reliable solution for long distance transport in addition to better storage when several months of stock on site is required


Drums offer a robust and reliable solution for long distance transport in addition to better storage when several months of stock on site is required. s.


Bulk solution is possible with open-top trucks and presents an economic and logistic advantage when the on-site storage is suitable.