Product: Ginding Ball

Casted Ball

A wide range of chromium casted balls is available for your ball mill applications. We adjust the different levels of chromium and carbon to increase the hardness of the carbides to adapt to different operating conditions.

Chemical Composition

The manufacturing process of the casted grinding ball gives us great flexibility on the chemical composition. Large standards are often the norm because they have been proven, but we help you determine and test the better and cost effective solution for your pulp chemistry.

Ball Size:
25mm to 100mm*

*Standard Size. Extended sizes available from 10 mm to 150 mm, multiple of 5mm.








Low Chrome

1.25 - 1.80

1.00 - 3.00

0.30 - 1.20

0.20 - 1.20

< 0.027

< 0.035


2.50 - 3.50

10.5 - 14.0

1.20 -2.00

0.30 - 0.80

< 0.027

< 0.035

High Chrome

2.50 - 3.50

15.0 - 18.0

1.20 -2.00

0.30 - 0.80

< 0.027

< 0.035

Designed and optimize for Ball Mill

Shango’s engineer specifications during melting, molding and casting guarantees the durability of the grinding balls. Our gating and risering system are designed to avoid making balls with shrinkage, gas porosity, cracks appearing and premature breakage.

This flexibility of chemical composition allows us to orient the strategy of the ball mill with your process strategy. Depending on the size of the grindball, its chemical composition and its hardness, it is possible to improve throughput, energy consumption, recovery and / or wear rate.

High-Chrome Advantages

Wear Resistant

Thanks to its custom alloy and higher hardness, casted high chrome balls have a high resistance to abrasion wear. It makes it a perfect product for ball mills.

Energy Saver

The density of High-Chrome alloy is lower than forged steel. Therefore the overall weight is lighter, so the energy consumption of the BALL Mill decreases up to 2% -4%.

Corrosion Free

The main High-Chromium balls advantage will contribute to limit / eliminate the galvanic corrosion thanks to the chrome carbide effect of the stainless steel.

Acidic Process Compatible

Acid processes are too aggressive for forged balls or low chromium casted balls, so we can go up to 32% chromium to remain cost effective in these extreme processes.

Shape & Hardness

One of the big advantages of high chrome cast balls is that they are able to achieve higher hardness thanks to the chromium content. This hardness must be evenly distributed in order to ensure that the ball remains well rounded.

Hardness: 61 - 70 HRC

We carry out abrasion impact tests throughout production to ensure that each batch meets the quality criteria we set for ourselves. Thus the performance of the products is guaranteed over time.

Packaging solutions


Drums offer a robust and reliable solution for long distance transport in addition to better storage when several months of stock on site is required.


We can deliver UV resistant polypropylene bags with packaging at no additional cost. It is possible to deliver in a 1 ton or 2 ton bag.


Bulk solution is possible with open-top trucks and presents an economic and logistic advantage when the on-site storage is suitable.