Services: Software Simulation


With your technical teams, we can carry out a complete audit project for your process in order to simulate it and jointly find possible way for optimization.

On-Field Support

The local and international technical teams support you on-site to help you to understand and optimize your parameters. We support you with our procedures and our experience hence to carry out relevant and strategic measures at the various hot points of the process plant.

This project will allow you to have an overview of your process and to set up significative and efficient improvement projects.

Trial: Our team is there to support and assist you in performing a trial with our samples , procedures and on site Shango team.
A full trial (3-6 months) to evaluate all the parameters that our grinding media improve, or an Marked Ball Wear Test to quickly compare our wear rate to the host charge.

Plant Survey

In order to have reliable and consistent analyzes, it is essential to have precise and adapted measurements of the different stages of the grinding process. Without these values, it is impossible to make the right decision. And worse, you will make bad decisions which will degrade the performance of the plant process and therefore of the entire production.

To help you in making these measurements, we have detailed procedures for each strategic sampling. It helps you maintain the right method, anywhere in the world, with any team on site.


Once the bottlenecks of the process have been identified, we offer you a list of possible and already proven projects in order to improve the blocking points. Depending on the challenges and the available budget, it is possible to plan over several years with our teams on your site in order to achieve the objectives set in the allotted time.

Cost Saving Mine to Mill Reduce Consumption Make Up Ball Automatic Control Strategic Sensors

We have more than 26 different projects to improve different stages of the process. These projects are for everyone because they cover mining, crushing, grinding and flotation. Each process being directly connected to the others, it is important to have the big pictures in order to be able to improve the main bottleneck and thus increase your performance.