About Us

We help you define the best possible grinding media for your plant process thanks to our simulation software and our international field experience.

Become a trusted name for value-added procurement, materials and engineering services in sustainable mineral processing throughout the world.

Let no customer say they could have done better in procurement, manufacturing support or process expertise.

Who is Shango

Based in Africa, America, Europe and Asia, Shango subsidiaries serves mining customers throughout the world with a wide range of consultation, procurement, engineering and logistics services. Our team of multidisciplinary engineers offer more than 50 years of rich experience in the mining industry and international trade across China, India, North America, West and East Africa, Europe and other countries.

Lastly, but equally important, Shango offers material for grinding media and consumption products for grinding processing within iron ore, gold, copper, bauxite, zinc, uranium, PGM and nickel mines.


We are honorable in all our dealings, assuring transparency in our agreements, honesty in our interactions and integrity in our commitments. We are genuine and fair, respecting others and doing what is right.


Personal effort is the hallmark of our culture; we encourage individual performance, recognize and reward achievement. We empower each person to reach for their fullest potential. We attract potential employees who want to be the best.


We welcome new ways of improving the quality and delivery of our work, leveraging technology tools and systems to increase our efficiency. As innovators, we embrace new methodology to raise the bar in performance, set the standard in our industry, and overcome challenges we may face.


Respect individuality in our culture-rich business, embracing diversity as insight into new experiences and different views of the world. We are ambassadors in our global relationships and encourage an environment where cultural diversity is welcomed and valued.


We work to find solutions for our markets that are less energy intensive. We are vigilant in minimizing ecological footprint wherever possible. We are stewards of valuable resources, and as such, our continuous improvement in energy transfer and logistics is our path to a more sustainable future.